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Whole Ceramic Aesthetic Crowns

Whole-ceramic aesthetic dental crowns are the most advanced types of crowns in terms of aesthetics. They contain either reinforced porcelain or completely reinforced blocks of porcelain in their infrastructure.

Emax aesthetic dental crowns would be best solution for you if you want aesthetic for your front teeth. Emax can be suitable for most of the teeth. Root canal treatment would be need  if your teeth are very croocked. We can tell what can be done and how can be done if you send photes to us.

Fields of Application for Aesthetic Full Ceramic Crowns 

Single ceramic crowning of the front teeth

Bridging works for front teeth with considerable material loss which may hinder lamination.

Crowning of single teeth in the back of the mouth and occasionally in short bridges applied when there is a single missing tooth.

Advantagesof Aesthetic Full Ceramic Crowns

Thanks to their good luminous transmittance properties, whole-ceramic crowns

Produce favourable results in terms of aesthetics and the results are often the closest to natural teeth.

No greyish colour occurs on gums in time.

Compared to zirconium or metal-structure crowns, they require less abrasion of the teeth.

No allergic reactions occur.

Their heat conductivity is quite low.

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DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES of Aesthetic Full Ceramic Crowns  

 Since it is not a very durable material, it cannot be used in longer bridges which are often exposed to higher levels of pressure.

It is more costly compared to metal-structure crowns.

PERIOD of Aesthetic Teeth Treatment        

Up to 8 teeth: 4 to 6 working days

Over 8 teeth: 5 to 7 working days

Ussualy we suggest the longest period (6 days or 7 days) at the above. Aesthetic teeth require dilligent work and we want you to test your new teet with temporary glue for few days.

We prioritize our patients coming from abroad and provide the best plan possible without making any compromises to quality. We are open for 6 days of the week till late hours.

SUCCESS Factors for Aesthetic Full Ceramic Crowns    

Expectations of the patient should be learned to the slightest detail. Measurements require technical precision and should be taken carefully at all stages. Long-term success of treatment depends on careful mouth care and hygiene.


Treatment Process of Aesthetic Crowns       

Aesthetic teeth treatment should be planned according to panoramic and periapical x-ray images.Root canal operation and gum treatment, if necessary, should be finished beforethe procedure is started.

 Teeth are prepared for the procedure by abrasion and composite temporary crowns are applied.


Laboratory stages

Ceramic infrastructure rehearsal

Porcelain tooth rehearsal

Adaptation of the denture and cementation