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Advantages of Canal Treatment

It is possible to get over tooth ache and sensitivity problems that cannot be solved by fillings and your natural teeth will be kept in your mouth for a longer period.

This is an alternative to tooth extraction. It helps preserve the natural teeth for a longer time and functions well. If this method is an option, you do not need to go under other therapies such as dental implants and bridging treatments which may be quite challenging to the patient.


Because the tooth loses its vitality, it becomes less flexible and more fragile in time.

There may occur a slight discolouration over the long run. » This method may lead to aesthetic problems, particularly for the front teeth.



Apex locator: is a device that provides the most reliable and accurate results in canal-length measurements and has a direct effect on the success of treatment.

Phosphor plate: provides the most detailed x-ray images.

Rotary-reciprocal systems:

helps extend the roots with speed and comfort in a 3D environment.

Sonic wash: provides the root with maximum disinfection through vibrational motions.

The purpose of the root canal therapies that we implement in our clinic by using the best methods is to preserve the natural teeth as long as possible.