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Surgery Phase

Surgical placement of dental implants on toothless areas after the relevant area or areas are anaesthetised. Numbing is often provided locally by anaesthetising the relevant area(s). However, in certain cases it is also possible to carry out the surgical procedure with general anaesthesia by putting the patient to sleep. The surgical procedure can be carried out by using open and/or closed surgery methods.

Open Surgery Method: 

The surgeon in person observes the hard-tissue area where the dental implant will be placed and carries out the surgical procedure. In this method, the surgeon lacerates the soft tissue and visually observes the bone area by opening it up.  When the procedure is finished, the lacerated area is closed by suturing. Dental implants Istanbul.

Closed Surgery Method (flapless):   

Also known as the non-operative method. In this method, the dental tomographic image and in-mouth measurements of the patient are used to prepare a surgical guide of the area where the implant will be placed. This guide helps the surgeon not lacerate and remove gums in order to place the dental implant. This method also does not require suturing because there are no scalpel-cut tooth areas.

Immediant Implant Method:  

In most cases, it is possible to place a dental implant into the socket of the removed tooth right after extraction. This method is similar to the closed surgery method in that it does not involve any flaps or lacerations; yet, it is also similar to the open surgery method since it also enables the surgeon to visually observe the bone area where the dental implant will be placed. This method often does not require suturing. It is quite an advantageous method as it shortens the time required for the procedure and that it does not require a second operation. After the dental implant surgery, the toothless area of the patient is often loaded with a set of dentures. However, not all cases and surgical procedures require the use of temporary dentures. Dental implants Istanbul.