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Dental İmplants

Patients  comes Turkey for dental treatment and dental implants.  Qualification of dentists and technology is as good as most advanced countries of Europe and prices are much cheaper.

As “ Turkey”  we have hundrets of forreign patients from different countries and we are very experienced on implants and health tourism. Complex cases are usual for us, we have alot of  patients every month that are considered to be difficult cases.

Three of our dentists are only responsible from implant surgery.

Supporting 7 different implants brands. You and we are deciding together for suitible one for you.

Whole treatments are under  guarantee program.

Our location is nearby the Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

We are supporting 7 different implant brands as Nobel, ITI Straumman, Trias, Bego, Xive, WIS, Tekka. All of them are internationally well known A grade titanium implants and we are very satisfied from results of them for many years. We are also using one of the best greft brand Bioss during surgery.  All the materials and equipments which are being used during surger are sertified well know international brands. You can get more info from our supported implant pages.

We are not publishing prices of our clinic in the internet. But that is very simple to learn our prices. Just fill in the form in one minute and we will inform you via mail or phone for all the prices you had asked. Abutment prices are included to implants prices, some of the clinics in Turkey charge for abutment seperately. Our prothesis and advanced surgery prices (bone agumentation, open sinus lifting, etc.) are very competetive as well. There is no fee for diognosis and roentgens. Please consider all prices together and quality of clinic while comparing clinics in Turkey. There is not any hidden cost of us. We are not increasing price of some treatment while decreasing price of some of treatment for marketing proposes. We have a black and white pricing policy. There is no suprise for you afer beginig of treatment.

What do you need to do get a dental implant treatment in İstanbul:

Send us your communication number and/or email address and describe your present condtion of your mouth. We will contact with you as soon as possbile to decide your treatment plan and to inform duration and cost. We will give you more concrate answers if you send us your Xray. We can also asist you for your accomodation requirements in Istanbul.

We dont ask for pre-payment or commitment for treatment. You have a right to not begin treatment after free of charge consultation. You have to be sure about us and you should give up if you have any slightest suspicion.  We respect your decision.